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Emerald Biofuels is a specialized fuels refining company that converts a range of renewable and waste oils into diesel fuel for use in the transportation industry.  Our business plan is to construct, own and operate a portfolio of refineries that will deliver a total of 500 million gallons per year of environmentally friendly fuels for the automotive, rail, marine, aviation and related sectors.

Our refineries will source non-food feedstocks that are available on a long-term sustainable basis and that will not compete for food.  Emerald Biofuels' projects are designed around proven refining technologies.  The quality of our renewable fuels meets or exceeds industry specifications set for petroleum based products.  Our products can effectively compete with petroleum based fuels.

Emerald Biofuels management team is a group of professionals with deep experience in operations, engineering and finance.  The team is supplemented through strategic long-term partnerships with its suppliers, customers, and stakeholders.